Welcome to our sleepover FAQs page! It’s quite evident that planning a sleepover party you want everything to be perfect. However, holding slumber parties is not a part of your daily routine. That’s why it’s not surprising if you have a range of questions related to organizing them. Our slumber party tips are aimed at giving exhaustive answers to the questions that may arise in the process. They cover all the necessary details you need to know, from pricing and set up to teepee tips.

Whether you want to learn about the minimum number of teepees, the required space to install them, or the payment particulars, you’ll find the info within our slumber party tips. For your convenience, we divided our teepee tips into several sections. We hope that our FAQs page will be useful and help you make the final decision.


Do you want to know what our standard packages include and if it is possible to add something extra to the package you’ve chosen? Are you interested in what the minimum number of teepees is and whether you can purchase them instead of hiring? Then this section of our slumber party tips is especially for you.

What is included when I book a sleepover with Teepee Tale?

We will deliver all the items included in your chosen package and assemble everything. This includes the setting up of the teepee frames, making the beds, laying out the breakfast trays and decorating and styling each teepee according to your chosen theme. This also includes a next day pack down and collection.

We offer a wide range of services when booking with the Teepee Tale which you can find here. We are currently building up our list of extras but if there is anything you would like to add in your sleepover party then please let us know. We do our best to help.

Are your teepees available to purchase?

We do love our teepees so we can understand why you might want one for yourself. Sadly, we do not currently have a batch of tepees ready to sell on but if you would like one making just for you then please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Do you have a minimum number of teepees that can be hired?

Our standard package is for 5 teepees for AED 1500. Additional teepees are AED 350 each. If you need less teepees, please call us for pricing.


It goes without saying that planning a sleepover party with teepees you need to see clearly where our teepees can be set up, the amount of space required, and the time necessary to install them. The following section of our teepee tips will throw the light on these questions.

How long do I get the set up for?

We normally set up the teepees in the afternoon of your party to ensure they are all ready before your guests arrive, it will take around 1-2hrs to set up. The following day we will pack away and remove all items.

Do you offer a cleanup service?

No, we are happy to help as much as we can, but the site must be cleaned before arrival.

Can you use the teepees outdoor?

Yes, it can be done, but it depends on the weather conditional and on a suitable surface. We are happy to set them up, however our mattress, gorgeous fabrics not weatherproof. Any damage due weather changes condition will be on customer responsibility.

How much space in the room is required for the teepees?

Each teepee requires 1.1 metres in width and 2.5 metres in length.

How big are the tepees?

Each teepee when set up is 100cm wide by 1.9m long including mattress. This does not include the space for the breakfast tray in-front of each teepee, you will need to allow for an additional 50cm. If you are worried about having enough room for the teepees you require please let us know the size of the space and we can work out a layout that fits. We can always arrange a site visit before the booking to be sure the beds will fit.

Do I need a power supply?

No power supply is needed, all our lights are battery powered.


Are you concerned about how much the delivery will cost or the duration of the hire period? You’ll find the comprehensive answers in this section of Teepee Tale slumber party tips.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

We offer free delivery and collection included in our packages for customers in Dubai. Additional travel time is priced at AED 100 per additional hour. Please enquire directly with us for a quote.

How long is the hire period of the teepee package?

Our set up can be done on a Thursday or Friday (business hours) and we pack up and collect on a Sunday or Monday (business hours). Times to be arranged directly with each customer. If you require different set up or delivery times, please contact us.


Are you concerned about how much the delivery will cost or the duration of the hire period? You’ll find the comprehensive answers in this section of Teepee Tale slumber party tips.

How can I book it?

To book a date for your sleepover we require a 20% deposit, as soon as this has been paid we can secure your date for you. The 20% deposit will be returned to you within 7 days after the event.

We simply check all our items after each camp-out to ensure everything is in working order and safe for the next sleepover. Your deposit amount may be reduced if any items are missing, damaged or broken.

When is payment required?

The sleepover package you've selected will need to be paid 5 days before the date of your event.

Cancellation policy

If something happens and you are unable to continue with your booking, we understand things change, you will be refunded your deposit, however if your booking is cancelled within 14 days of your sleepover date your deposit will be non-refundable. 

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer or cash.


Perhaps, our slumber party tips guide wouldn’t be complete without several more questions that don’t fall under the sections above. Nevertheless, the answers to them are not less important for taking the final decision. Here are they.

Is there an option for adults?

They can comfortably sleep children and adults. For adults it will depend on their heights, as our beds are 190cm long. If you have any concerns regarding to sizing, please contact us to discuss.

What is the minimum age?

Our teepees are recommended for childrens 3 years old and plus.

How do you clean the teepees?

All the bedding is washed thoroughly between each use to ensure they are ready for the next group. This includes breakfast trays, fabrics, lanterns etc. Everything will be perfect and cleaned for your party.

Haven’t you found the answers you need within our slumber party tips? Do you want some more teepee tips for holding an unforgettable sleepover party? Don’t hesitate to contact us right now! We’ll do our best to satisfy your curiosity in full! 

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